Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

Undoubtedly, iPhones are one of the best devices on the market. They are powerful, portable, and have got tons of appealing features. However, these phones do face some issues ranging from software to hardware every once in a while. If you plan to buy an iPhone or already own one, you must familiarize yourself with these issues. As an experienced iPhone repair service provider, here are some of the most common iPhone problems we have encountered.

1. The White Screen of Death 

This can occur due to a failed upgrade or hardware issues. The white screen of death is a very common problem and before you panic, know that it can be fixed. When this happens, you need to restart your iPhone and see if that issue is resolved. In case it doesn’t, what should follow is restoring your iPhone to factory reset. These two methods should return your iPhone to normal.

If the issue persists, you should boot the device in Firmware Upgrade mode. Please note that booting the iPhone in DFU and performing a factory reset will erase all of your data. Ensure that you have backed up your files on iCloud or iTunes. Should you require assistance in fixing the white screen of death, or do you want to recover data from your iPhone? We are the right guys for this job!

2. Water Damage 

Another common problem with iPhones is water damage. This can occur under various circumstances. Your iPhone may fall into the pool, or it could get rained on. Irrespective of the cause, you should act swiftly when your device is exposed to water. Dry it with a towel, then remove the sim card. Our technicians do repair water damage in iPhones. Get in touch with us if you were unable to save your iPhone from water damage.

3. Malfunctioning Speakers 

After a while, the speakers on your iPhone can start misbehaving for various reasons. The speakers could be damaged and may need replacement. It’s best to let an expert handle that. But before you bring your iPhone to us for repair and replacement, check the following;

  • Confirm that the volume on your phone is turned up.
  • Check whether the iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker. 
  • Play music using another app.
  • Finally, look into the openings of the speaker and see if an object is blocking it. Something as tiny as the fluff from your jeans pockets can block the speakers pathway.
4. Overheating 
An iPhone can overheat due to a wide range of causes. You could be living in a hot area with extremely high temperatures. This can cause your phone to overheat. The remedy for this is to ensure you keep your iPhone in a cool and dry area. The other cause could be having some software run in the background. Resetting the iPhone settings or restarting the device should resolve this. If these tips don’t offer lasting solutions, then bring your device to us, and we will identify and fix the problem that’s causing the overheating.
5. No iPhone Service Issue 
Though not as common as some of the problems in this list, the iPhone no service issue can be quite annoying. It mostly occurs after an upgrade and is caused by a bug. Hardware issues can also make it difficult for the phone to register on a particular network. The first thing you need to do is confirm if you are in an area with good network coverage. If that doesn’t work, reset the iPhone network settings. Our technicians can help you identify why you aren’t getting any service if you bring your iPhone to us.
6. Freezing Apps 
Your iPhone will hang if you are running an app that isn’t supported by your current iOS version. It will also freeze if you install too many apps which your RAM can’t handle. Before doing anything else, restart the phone and see if the apps are freezing. Option two, update the iOS. This should ensure compatibility. Finally, uninstall apps that you no longer use to free up more space.
If you are having problems with your iPhone, this can hinder you from enjoying the many features this device can offer you. Thanks to years of experience in iPhone repair, we are here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Get in touch with us for professional iPhone repair services.