Cracked Screen Repair For iPhones And Androids: How And How Much?

Did you just break your iPhone screen? Maybe it was your Android screen then? It doesn’t really matter because both can be fixed or replaced. That means you do not have to throw away or replace your $400-$1,000 smartphone just yet.


There are a number of ways to fix a broken Android or iPhone screen and just as many ways to get help in doing so. Now I am not talking about getting a case to protect your screen because that should have already been obvious to you by now. Plus, the mere fact that you are reading this article means that your screen is already cracked and a case is not going to fix it.

Even if the repair methods listed below are temporary, they sure as hell beat paying for a new iPhone or Android.


If you already have a warranty on your phone, the repair cost may be as little as $29 and if not, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100-$200, which is much better than $650.

Listed below you will find 5 different repair options that may fit your budget and time frame.


Contact the phone manufacturer:

This is a no-brainer but you would be surprised that many people do not even think to go to the people who made the phone in the first place. Who better to give advice on your repair options?


Apple has a warranty plan called AppleCare+ that covers broken screens as long as you purchase it within 60 days of buying your new iPhone. If, however, you did not buy the plan before you broke your screen, Apple may allow you to buy it in order to get the $29 screen repair charge the warranty offers. This plan costs $99-$100 depending on the type of iPhone you have. It is well worth it though, considering that the warranty covers more than just damaged screens.


Samsung also includes a warranty plan similar to the one above. It is called Galaxy S7 and as with the iPhone plan, you are fully covered if you buy the warranty before the accident occurs.


Tape your screen:

OK, this is a really cheap way to go but if you do not have a warranty or the money for a new screen or phone, it is a viable option. We are talking about several dollars worth of repair here, so it is not going to break the bank.


If only the glass is broken, meaning you can still see and touch the applications, you can use the following method to semi-repair your screen until you have enough money to fix or replace it.


After cleaning your screen, place packaging tape over the crack being careful to trim out any extra tape along the edges. I know it seems ghetto, but you can continue using your phone and prevent further damage.


Another inexpensive way to keep your phone going without increasing the damage on the screen is to get a screen protector. It will not repair the damage but prevent further damage from occurring.


Do it yourself:

Doing it yourself is always going to be cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you, but it does take some expertise and craftsmanship.


If the DIY tape model proposed above is too ugly for you, then try this.


Visit to get lessons on how to replace an iPhone or Android screen yourself.


After learning all you can from this site, go to YouTube and search for replacing a screen for your particular smartphone model.

Once you know the kind of screen you need for your phone, as well as the specific tools you need to complete the job, go to iFixit, Amazon, or eBay and order them. In general, the DIY screen replacement will cost anywhere between $100 to $250. It all depends on the type of screen you need and the specific tools needed to complete the replacement.



If you are out of warranty and do not or can not fix and replace your cracked screen, then check the manufacturer’s out-of-warranty repair options. Apple, for instance, offers out-of-warranty repairs for most of its iPhone 5,6, and 7 models. The prices usually range anywhere from $109-$149.


Get it repaired:

Sometimes it is just better to bite the bullet and take it to your local repair shop, especially if you do not live near an iPhone store or do not want to send your phone to the manufacturer.


There are usually at least a few phone repair shops in every city that fix broken Android and iPhone screens.

Some things to consider are the reputation of the shop, if they offer a warranty on their repair work, and whether or not any existing warranty you may have on your phone will become void due to third-party repairs.


The price of local phone shop repairs varies from city to city and from shop to shop, so if you have more than one shop where you live, then go with the one the gives you the best value and not necessarily the cheapest price.

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