Get The Most From Repairing Your iPhone

Have you ever broken your iPhone or damaged it in any way? Probably yes! Many people who experience an iPhone malfunction are unsure whether or not they should repair their phone, or if they should just buy a new one. But did you know that there’s something you can do to save money while protecting your present environment from degradation? Here’s a guide that will help you choose between buying and repairing.

Repairs are way cheaper
Whether you’re looking to save money or just get some extra in repairing your iPhone, it can be tempting to just toss it in the trash and buy a new one. While this can save you money in the short term, think about how much money you’ll spend over the next few years buying a new phone that’s only slightly better than the last one! Repairs may seem like an expensive alternative, but they provide many benefits and make more sense over time.

The environmental impact
It’s a delight for everyone that devices are getting smaller and thinner with every improvement in technology, but one of those downsides is increased CO2 emissions. While smartphones don’t need as many materials to make as other prominent devices, the mining of their “few” raw materials significantly raises C02 levels. Recent research in the tech industry found that with the current trend of increasingly manufacturing smartphones, it’s expected that these devices will have the biggest carbon footprint by the year 2040. Notably, smartphones are barely recyclable with only 1% being partially recycled while the better 99% goes into landfills.

The lifespan of a smartphone
According to experts, a smartphone can serve you a good two years without any major issues, leave alone the battery and screen which are relatively cheap to repair. But what happens in case of a major issue where the cost of buying a new phone could be lower or equal to repairing the old iPhone? Well, this is where the dilemma pops in. Its quite confusing for an average user when they want to make that difficult decision between whether they should buy a new one or just fix it?

Should you repair or buy?
To navigate the dilemma, there are a few considerations you should make. First, consider how old your phone is already; if it’s more than 4 years and more, you might want to upgrade rather than repair it. Second, consider whether you anticipate any repair any time soon; its probably not worth it to replace a cracked screen on an outdated device in less than 6 months. Third, think about the availability of compatible software in the future; If yes then repair otherwise buy a new one.

Dont get rid of that broken iPhone just yet! Consider the cost-benefit as well as the impact on the environment. If anything, we have qualified professionals who can fix it for you and make it run like new. There is always a better solution than recycling or disposing of technology when you can put it to good use by repairing it. Contact us for more information about how we help keep electronics running at their optimal performance potential through our mobile phone repair services.