Proven Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

If you have owned an iPhone, you understand that this powerful, intuitive, and entertaining smartphone has some drawbacks. The main drawback and frustration of owning an iPhone is the poor iPhone battery life. Furthermore, there are innovative phone covers that include built-in batteries for iPhones.

The average iPhone charge frequency is once per day. “Heavy” users have revealed that they need to charge their Apple iPhone multiple times a day or keep it connected for 24 hours at a time.

Let’s see if the iPhone Battery life has changed in the latest iPhones.

Apple’s smartphones have historically had poor battery life when compared to competing devices. With certain iPhone upgrades, Apple has somewhat improved the issue of battery life. Even Apple advocates did not anticipate the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus battery life to shatter any battery life records, looking back at the older iPhone 6.

When it came to iPhone battery life, Apple iPhones trailed behind other device competitors. The iPhone 6 is a thing of the past, so what has changed? “The XR will have 1.5 additional hours of battery life than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Below are some ideas to improve your iPhone battery life

Here are 10 ideas if you’re looking for a trick to save iPhone battery to last longer. There are several straightforward and effective techniques for extending the life of your phone. Here at Mobile iPhone Repair LA, we have just supplied ten suggestions for how to increase iPhone battery life for you. Following these guidelines will help you save battery life and decrease the burden of having a charger on you.

1. Maintain your battery at optimum temperature

The iPhone functions in a wide temperature range of 62° to 72°, the optimum comfort zone. It is critical to avoid putting the device at temperatures higher than 95° F, which may cause the battery to deteriorate.

2. Disable the dynamic backgrounds
If you are looking at how to save battery on iPhone, this is one option. The dynamic wallpapers feature modifies your app icons. However, they use more power than a simple static background picture. You should change the dynamic background to a static one.

3. Remove the casing from your iPhone.
When your iPhone is inside a particular type of case, it generates a lot of heat, impacting the iPhone battery life. Keep your iPhone in a protective cover to prevent it from heating up and draining your battery faster when you’re not charging.

4. Turn Bluetooth off.
Turning off the Bluetooth is a trick to save the iPhone battery. After sending data via Bluetooth, you should turn it off because it affects your battery life.

5. Adjust the screen brightness manually.
By turning Auto-Brightness on, you can save your battery life. Therefore always set the brightness to auto-brightness.

6. Make the most of battery usage information
The newest iOS for iPhone battery life has improved. New features in iOS 12, like Battery Health and proactive power management, make it easier to manage the battery life on your iPhone.

7. Background activity drains the battery. 

Apps running in the background or updating require power. To disable the option that allows applications to refresh or update automatically in the background, set the switch off for Background App Refresh.

8. When you’re not using WiFi
Please turn it off so your battery life lasts longer. Keeping WiFi on at all times is a sure way to drain your battery fast. Ensure you turn off the WiFi when you are not using it.

9. Optimize and Manage iPhone Settings
Managing the settings and applications on your iPhone is yet another method to save battery life. The usage of apps that are left running in the background or are no longer on use consumes battery life.

10. Turning off location settings
Turning off the location setting will help you to save battery life. It will enable your phone not to use the location-based feature, which consumes a lot of power.

Final words
The above are the tips and tricks on how to save battery on iPhone. Here at Mobile iPhone Repair, we have the skills, knowledge, and tools to assist you in increasing your battery life. When you have any cellphone problem or issue, do not hesitate to email or call us at (626) 538-9337. Contact us now!